A Tribute to Mr. Sixto Lopez – Teacher for Life





The “Red Mass” that bears the thanksgiving intention of Mr. Sixto Lopez provided an impetus in the sharing of God’s bounty in a table prepared by those who cared much for him: the whole faculty of the High School Department whom he regarded through the years as his family. This whole family invited everybody in the rank and file of this only Catholic college in the Diocese of Urdaneta.  It was like a biblical experience on the multiplication of the bread. What little everyone contributed from the heart was blessed and was multiplied of which surplus was remained untold to date. The table was indeed overflowing, a manifestation of the overflowing love of this community to the honoree Mr. Sixto Lopez a teacher for life.


The simple but meaningful AGAPE flowed towards the St. Michael’s Gymnasium where  all of the guests, students, seminarians, teachers, professors, non-academic personnel, administrators and SVDs were gleefully gathered for a Farewell Program in honor of the equally most beloved “Tito Lits” of the whole campus. Thunderous clapping of hands filled the whole gymnasium for sometime when the master of ceremonies Ms.  Analyn G. Cruz announced over the microphone that the program was about to begin. The whole program followed this sequence:

I. Dances  – Students

  • Telephone – First Year
  • Mambo 5 – Second Year
  • Rico Mambo – Third Year
  • Body Body Dance – Fourth Year


The students rendered their part dancing the favorite beats and movements of Mr. Lopez refreshing his youthful days of teaching. It was that summer of 1982 the year before the assassination of Sen. Benigno Aquino when Mr. Lopez applied for a teaching position at then Divine Word Academy of Urdaneta. His teaching mission witnessed the administration of five Philippine Presidents: President Ferdinand Marcos, President Corazon Aquino, President Joseph Estrada, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and now in his retirement the proclamation of the President Elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III.

II. Song Number – Administration/Faculty/Staff

  • Ocean Deep
  • First of May

While the students reviewed the dances, the Administration, Faculty and Staff rendered a “hit back” of the favorite sounds, songs and music of the honoree that started with the “Ocean Deep”. Remembering those happy memories with Mr. Lopez  refreshed by the song, one by one slowly felt misty eyed. Some copies of the song went wet brought about by those crystal liquid that fell witnessing how they love and care their beloved “Tito”.

III. Skit – High School Faculty

The favorite skit-drama was performed by selected faculty members depicting the humor and light attitude of Mr. Lopez in the classrooms, faculty room and around the campus.

IV. Testimonies

  • Mrs. Emma Tabobo
  • Mr. Louise Lorian
  • Mr. Reynald Mamasig
  • Mr. John Ramos
  • Mrs. Myra Alver

Colleagues closest to the heart of the honoree rendered their testimonies on how they treasured their beautiful experiences with him. Saying goodbye to a good friend is not easy, much more saying “adeu” to a teacher – a molder of character, wisdom, soul and ones future.

V. Message – Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD

The President of DWCU expressed his heartfelt gratitude in behalf of the Board of Trustees, the Members of the DWCU Corporation, the Divine Word Missionaries of the Northern Philippine Province, the Administrators, Faculty members, Non-academic personnel, parents and students  of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta for the highly commendable 28 years of faithful service of Mr. Sixto Lopez to this institution.

VI. Response – Mr. Sixto Lopez

The honoree coming up the stage for his response did not stay long at the podium. Words were not enough to express how he felt and how grateful he was being at the Divine Word College of Urdaneta. He summed up everything when he said: “You are all nearest to my heart.” “Thank you very much”.

VII. Farewell Song / Flower Offering / Gift Offering

  • Farewell to You My Friend
  • For He is a Jolly Good Fellow

For the last time, the Administrators, Faculty and Staff went up to the stage to render the final homage to the honoree singing together out of their hearts: “Farewell to You My Friend” offering flowers and gifts as an expression of deep feelings of love and gratitude to “Tito Lits”. Indeed the last song provided the synthesis of our coming together for our beloved teacher-retiree…”For He is A Jolly Good Fellow”.

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