The 3rd Campus Pastoral Assembly Convened



The Bishop with Fr. Rector

The Annual Retreat and Function of the Faculty and Non-Academic Personnel of the DWCU paved the way towards the Third Campus Pastoral Assembly convened last June 3-4 at the Holy Spirit Chapel with no less than the Bishop of the Diocese of Urdaneta Most Rev. Jacinto A. Jose, DD as the Keynote Speaker. His Excellency dealt with the identity and mission of this noble institution as the only Catholic College in the entire diocese. The Bishop was grateful for the SVD presence in this local church when he gave emphasis to the magnanimous role of the teachers and faculty in molding and forming the students into value oriented members of the society and the church. The Bishop inspired the academic community of their noble vocation as formators of the young. The Keynote Speaker then led the whole assembly towards the theme: “RENEWED BY YOUR GRACE” celebrating the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the foundation of the Diocese of Urdaneta. The theme spirited and penetrated the whole assembly as the guiding light towards the realization of the rationale, objectives and goals of the said Pastoral Assembly.


The DWCU General Assembly is a yearly event focused on the administrative and supervisory concerns aiming at smooth head start of every new school year. This year the academic community resolved to give priority to the pastoral concerns in observance of the silver jubilee of the diocese with the recent launching of the Diocesan Integrated Pastoral Plan (DIPP). The assembly aims to realign the pastoral priorities with the four characteristic dimensions of the Divine Word Missionaries around the globe namely: 1.) Biblical Apostolate (BA),  2.) Mission Animation, 3.) Communication and 4.) Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation (JPIC). These four dimensions will carry out the four core values defined by the Divine Word Educational Association (DWEA): Integrity, Social Responsibility, Excellence and Evangelization to be the distinguishing mark of every Divine Word school, college and university throughout the land.


The whole academic community inspired by the message of the Keynote speaker worked hard hand in hand; teachers, faculty, professors, non-academic personnel, administrators and  the SVD fathers labored together in coming out with the 5-Year Campus Pastoral Plan reflecting on the present realities within the community and the whole campus, making these realities as the springboard towards harmonious relationship. The whole group was divided into four major committees that went into workshop plotting the Objectives, Activities, Strategies, Resources, Time Frame and Expected Output of their assigned characteristic dimension. With the guidance of the Transcendent all the


members worked together harmoniously as they all enjoyed the product of their efforts. The output then was reported to the plenum of which after critiquing and scrutiny the whole body in principle approved the 5-Year Campus Pastoral Plan. The 3rd Campus Pastoral Assembly ended with a Thanksgiving Mass together with all the seminarians of the Divine Word Formation Center. An AGAPE was shared together celebrating the success of the assembly.



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