Youth for Leadership, Empowerment,

Advancement and Development


Dagupan City. The College Dean Mrs. Leonida D. Javillo  endorsed and sent the following selected college students: Maria Carmelle S. Quilatan, Michael T. Bernardino, Carlita Lanuza, Heroine Panida, Jerrard Andaya, and Toni Agustin to the famous U-LEAD held recently.

Maria Carmelle S. Quilatan reports:

The Pangasinan Youth Leadership Camp with the theme: “Serving the Nation, Leading the Young” held Leadership training at the Nena’s Garden and Restaurant, Bonuan Tondaligan, Dagupan City, Pangasinan last March 13, 2010. And we are privilege that we are invited, so we joined the training. The participants came from different colleges and universities, like Pangasinan State University, Colegio de Dagupan, University of Pangsinan, and of course our beloved school the Divine Word College of Urdaneta.

The speakers were all graduates of the University of the Philippines. They were Mr. Youssef Kahlil B. Velasco (the ULEAD adviser), Mr. Michael Xiao Chua, Former Vice-Governor Oscar Lambino, and Mr. Ryan Ravanza (the City Information Officer of Dagupan).

The resource persons enlightened our minds and made our outlook of leadership more clearly. We the student council, the participants, have learned a lot from the experts. They challenged us that as student council officers we should be the models. The future lies on our hands.They reminded us to participate on May 2010 election by choosing and voting the right candidate.

We had games, talks, and fora, wherein we are able so speak out the things that persistently lingered into our minds. As the training went on, everybody in the venue learned a lot. This kind of training really helped us, the student council officers. We were able to understand and relate ourselves to what is happening to the government and in our school council. We were able to know the characteristics a leader should possess and how he/she would react upon a situation. To sum it up, they wanted us to possess these characteristics so that we could lead the student body rightfully and efficiently.

Reported by:

Maria Carmelle Quilatan


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