“The Vine” Now Off the Press!


Mark Stanley Pangonilo Editor-in-Chief

Urdaneta City. The first literary oriented magazine DWCU has ever published is now off the press. The Vine as it is called through the years has taken its new form with the Editor-in-Chief Mark Stanley Pangonilo.  Mr. Pangonilo and his staff submitted the first copy to the office of the president last Friday. Congratulations to the whole staff of The Vine! Another job well done!


(by Mark Stanley Pangonilo)

We were once little children not knowing what was right or wrong.  We couldn’t decide if we should go that way or other way around.  While growing up, we encounter new challenges.  These challenges require us to think harder to decide what we should do.

As life goes on, decision- making is badly needed for each individual. Unconsciously, we make decisions the moment we grasp our breath from deep slumber until we resign in each day. It’s a part of reality…

As a student, I make tough decisions that can change my future.  It’s choosing between life and death.  The decisions we make while studying reflect whether we continue to reach sweetness of knowledge and adventures of life or embrace the clutch of ignorance on us.

Everyday, we are making decisions that can possibly change everything.  Like what Fr. George’s Britos said, “Life is a matter of choice”.  We should learn to live in a world full of decisions not regressions.  We should live in the present, learn from the past, and work for the future.

Now that I’m caught between two diverging roads, I’ll have to face a new chapter of my student life and make another step on the ladder of my growth, I never regret what I have done during the past years in my life.  I’m happy that I have done those things despite their bitter – sweet teachings to my whole being.  I just can say that making decisions is not that hard if and only if we look on both sides of possibilities and we listen to God.

We can’t persuade others to decide for us.  Each of us has his/her personal world and capacity to make rightful decisions. Let us not allow anyone to take t away from us…

Before I end this, I would want to express what I feel…Thank you for making me realize that the track I am walking into is the right path in reaching that precious goal in the end.  Finally, I want to leave a mark in your mind…I want you to remember that you have to learn deciding on your own and stand on the consequences of your every action no matter how painful it may be.

Grow up! Be confident!



One Response

  1. Well said Stanley!

    In life, there are countless decisions we make affecting how we live our lives. We need to be aware though that every decision we make, there is a responsibility attached to it.

    Keep up the good work!

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