Result: Table Christmas Decoration Contest

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4th Year St. Michael Topnotched in  Table Christmas Decoration Contest

DWCU, Urdaneta. Displayed in the corridors of the St. Augustine Building are eye-catching Table Christmas Decorations enhancing and adding glitters to all Christmas decorations around the campus this joyous season. Organized by Mr. Louise C. Lorian the TLE teacher, all year level

Mr. Louise Lorian

participants submitted their entries to this year’s Table Christmas Decoration Contest where the 4th Year St. Michael’s “obra maestra” won as the Champion. Second to the race was the entry of 1st Year St. Matthew followed by 4th Year St. Francis who placed as the 3rd. 4th Year St. Arnold got the fourth prize while the 5th place was awarded to the 1st Year St. Mark.

Gazing on the beautiful table Christmas Decorations one could not miss the message that the exhibitors want to bring home – Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all! Using recycled and indigenous materials Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive instead environmentally friendly respecting the integrity of creation. Congratulations to the winners of this contested event most specially to their teacher. Though it has been said many times, many ways… Merry Christmas and a Blissful New Year to one and all!

Table Christmas Decoration Contest Winners

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