Pasko Para Sa Mga Bata – 2009

Christmas Myspace Comments


St. Michael’s Gymnasium. This morning after the first Aguinaldo Mass, the different religious organizations of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta – High School Department tendered a pre-Christmas treat to about a (100) hundred children living around the City of Urdaneta with a program called as “Pasko Para Sa Mga Bata”. The objectives of the treat is to give joy to the children during this Christmas Season and to train our students to be generous, thoughtful and caring to the less fortunate. The program is a yearly tradition of the DWCU High School Students earlier called “Bigayan”.

Ms. Ma. Lourdes E. Ballares - Emcee

Ms. Ma. Lourdes E. Ballares as the emcee of the program called everybody at 8:30 in the morning to start the activity with an opening prayer led by Jellie Dalangin followed by Gelli Geronimo who intoned the National Anthem. The President of the DWCU welcomed every child, parent, teacher, student and guest who attended the gathering with a short message for Christmas. Attending any celebration, the first thing to do is to greet the celebrant. This is a birthday celebration of the Lord Jesus who became one with the children. Let us recognize His presence today in every child that we share with the joy of the season.

Right after the opening ceremonies the children were called together with their parents to enjoy the morning with parlor games upon the excitement and thrill of each participant. The balloons were flying in all colors and shapes. Some selected religious organization members rendered a biblical play on: The Unforgiving Servant. The story portrayed Christmas as giving, forgiving and forgetting. We are all sisters and brothers, we live in harmony and peace…then on Christmas there will be Peace on Earth!

The Christmas Booths were opened then to the delight of every child going from one booth to another enjoying the different fun that a booth was created for. There was a booth on all balloons, a boot on stamps, a booth on face painting, drinks, picture portrait booth and a booth filled with Christmas toys. Ice cream in cones were served to enhance the bountiful snacks which was followed again by a series of child games until the culmination: the exchange of gifts. Mrs. Marlyn R. Laroco the principal of the High School Department closed the “Pasko Para Sa Mga Bata” expressing her heartfelt gratitude to the children, the parents, students and the advisers of the different religious organizations. Maligayang Pasko po sa inyong lahat at Manigong Bagong Taon sa bawat bata!

The DWCU academic community wish to congratulate the following  advisers of the different religious organizations with their key officers for the job well done:

  1. Ma. Lourdes E. Ballares – Moderator of Mission Club
  2. Ma. Jessica Sison – President of the Mission Club
  3. Agnes B. Valdez – Moderator of the Legion of Mary
  4. Jelly Dalangin – Vice President of the Legion of Mary
  5. Rodel Nachima – adviser of the Youth Ministry and the Eucharistic Servers

May your generosity, love and concern for the children be a shining example to everyone… May the Good Lord bless you all the more!

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