Ms. Abbigail Buccay (BSE-1) and

Ms. Jinky Gumtang (BSCS-1)

attended BIDAHAN 2009

Antipolo, Rizal. The Dean of the College Department Mrs. Leonida D. Javillo sent recently two college students Ms. Abbigail Buccay (BSE-1) and Ms. Jinky Gumtang (BSCS-1) sponsored by the Communications Foundation for Asia (CFA) to attend the BIDAHAN National Youth Camp held at the Assumption in Antipolo, Rizal last November 28-29, 2009.

Abbigail Buccay & Jinky Gumtang

Be the change you want to see in the world!” This message of Mahatma Gandhi has struck a chord among Filipinos who use it to play on the words and call for the emergence of a new “Bida” (Hero).

This has become the rallying call of BIDAHAN: Be the Change 2009 National Youth Camp (B2P2) of the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), with whom the Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) has joined forces. From the morning of November 28 up to the morning of November 29th, around 1,700 youth leaders from across the country have come together at the Assumption Antipolo to: 1) Celebrate heroism; 2) Build a Community of Heroes; and, 3) Continue the Change.

The Bidahan organizers believe that there is a dearth of real heroes and servant-leaders at the forefront of society. The youth are bombarded daily with images of imagined or imaginary heroes and self-proclaimed or falsely-proclaimed leaders, so they lose their internal compass in choosing the right models to follow. The various activities of the overnight camp are designed to change that by empowering the youth and raising their awareness of the realities of self and society, identifying the qualities of a true leader and engaging in various means to become agents of change. Highlights of the event include presentations, testimonies, focused group discussions, prayer and a midnight concert.

Congratulations to our DWCU’s BIDA: Ms. Abbigail Buccay (BSE-1) and Ms. Jinky Gumtang (BSCS-1)

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    Thank you so much.

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