Today the whole community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta celebrates in a Solemn Mass the birthday of Mama Mary and the 134th foundation anniversary of the Divine Word Missionaries (SVD) founded by St. Arnold Janssen in Steyl, Holland on September 8, 1875. The holy mass also ushered the SVD Mission Month of September and the World Mission Month of October. As a Mission School, the DWCU community actively promotes the mission awareness and mission animation.

The institutional mass this time was sponsored by the College Department headed by the Dean Mrs. Leonida D. Javillo together will all the faculty and students of the said department. Rev. Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD the finance officer  was the main celebrant with the whole SVD community as co-celebrants: Rev. Fr. Bernard  Teneza, SVD the rector, Rev. Fr. Jesus del Rosario, SVD the Spiritual Director, Rev. Fr. Servasius Tethun Wagiman, SVD the Prefect of Discipline and Rev. Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD the president of the College. The highlight of the mass was focused on the loving expression of the daughters and sons towards the Mother  of the Divine Word, Mama Mary as each one beginning from the youngest offered most selected flowers to her image singing sincerely a Happy Birthday song lifting up the intentions of each Divinian!


The President expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the whole community in behalf of the more than 6,000 Divine Word Missionaries spread all over the world in more than 70 countries for the continuous missionary support of the academic community as well as their loving greetings and prayers for the SVDs  on this foundation day. He admonished as well as inspired the whole community to pray to our Mother Mary that she will continue to faithfully shower her love to every Divinian and place each one under the mantle of her maternal protection.

Happy Birthday Mama Mary…. Happy 134th Foundation Anniversary to the SVDs!

flowers for Mother Mary

flowers for Mother Mary

Prayer to the Holy Virgin Mother of God

O dear Mother,

who reaches out to all

and brings the devotion to God in this world,

with exceeding gladness

accept these flowers

as a sign of our love

and reverent recognition of the dignity of  your being

the holy Virgin Mother of God.

Our hearts are filled with joy

as we celebrate your nativity.

For you are born to become a witness

of God’s love in this world by giving birth to His Son.

In our hearts you are always remembered.

As a young woman,

you coped well with the

extraordinary situation

(the annunciation).

You willingly listen to God

and delighted in his every message.

With an undivided heart

you willingly accept the mysterious design of his will

by saying:

“I am the handmaid of the Lord;

let it be done to me according

to your words.

As a betrothed woman, who at considerable personal risk,

courageously give free and responsible consent

to the call of God

–and did so on your own initiative.

As traveling woman

who left home in haste

to seek the companionship

of your cousin Elizabeth

who   was also amazingly filled with a new life.

As a pregnant woman inspired by the

spirit of God

to burst into prophecy

about the greatness of God

who liberated the poor.

As a mature woman

who was not defined simply by child bearing,

more profoundly by the way in which,

as a disciple, you heard the Word of God

and acted upon it.

As a courageous woman, who bore the

grief of the violent, destructive death

of your son,

not letting death

destroy you.

As a prayerful woman, again away from home

as a part of the community

of disciples of women and men, patiently wait

for the gift of the Spirit of the risen Lord.



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