UCPSAM 2009 Met Outstanding Success!

Dr. Maria Celia Junio-Fernandez the Schools Division Superintendent

Dr. Maria Celia Junio-Fernandez the Schools Division Superintendent delivered her message to the athletes and delegates

The DWCU successfully hosted the Urdaneta City Private Schools Atheletic Meet last August 27-29, 2009 with a colorful and festive opening ceremonies attended by all the athletes and delegates from all the member schools of the City of Urdaneta. The grand opening ceremonies was held at the impressive St. Michael Gymnasium with the following parts of the program:

  1. Doxology by the DWCU Performing Arts
  2. Entrance of the Colors by the DWCU CAT
  3. The National Anthem by the DWCU Drum & Lyre Corps
  4. Words of Welcome by the President of the DWCU Fr. Doms O. Ramos, SVD
  5. Presentation of Delegates by Mrs. Venus Villanueva the vice president of UCPSAM
  6. Message of the Education Supervisor for Private Schools Mrs. Fe Teneza
  7. Words of Inspiration delivered by Maria Celia Junio-Fernandez, Ed.D. the Schools Division Superintendent
  8. Oath of Sportsmanship Vincent Paul Mina – IRAA Player 2008
  9. Lighting of Torch by Jouexmar Kitjorn Amiscua – SSC Sports Coordinator
  10. Decleration of UCSAM 2009 by Mrs. Erlinda V. Olimpo the Education Supervisor on MAPEH

Mr. Louie C. Lorian (President of UCPSAM)
Mr. Louie C. Lorian  (President-UCPSAM)

The competitions on Cheer Dance, Dance Sport, and vocal solo of the pre-school, the elementary and the high school departments were done at the same St. Michael Gymnasium right after the Opening Ceremonies. Sports event in different categories were performed at the DWCU well trimmed oval, the baseball diamond ground, the track and field rim around the oval, open basketball and volleyball courts and other sports facilities of the DWCU. Literary Academic events were held at the second floor of the St. Augustine Building last August 28 – the Feast of St. Augustine of Hippo.

The UCPSAM 2009 found its culmination at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium with the Search for the Mr. and Ms. UCPSAM 2009 where Divinians won the most coveted titles of the said athletic meet. Michael Terrence Bristol of IV-St. Francis was hailed as MR. UCPSAM while Nessie May Domagas of III-Leviticus as MISS UCPSAM 2009. Congratulations to the winners, the athletes, delegates, referees, events’ officials, judges and the organizers headed by Mr. Louie C. Lorian (DWCU Faculty) the President of the Urdaneta City Private Schools Athletic Meet. More power!



Divinians Won the Mr. & Miss UCPSAM 2009 Titles


(Middle pair: Mr. UCPSAM 2009 Michael Terrence Bristol -IV St. Francis, Miss UCPSAM 2009 Nessie May Domagas -III-Leviticus) (Right pair: Miss 1st runner up: PUNP, Mr. 1st runner: Merryland Montessori) (Left pair: Miss 2nd runner up: Merryland Montessori, Mr. 2nd runner up: Divine Grace Montessori


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