The Office of the President spearheaded a new Family Network courtesy of “ning.com”.  The objective of this new site is to gather all the DWCU family members specially our alumni to keep in touch with their Alma Mater, their classmates, batchmates, teachers, professors, mentors and administrators of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta. As this is a Family Network, it is exclusive in nature, confined only to the members of our clan. Those who can log on and visit this site are only the members of this clan and those who receive the invitation.

Meet your DWCU family members then. Be a member to the DIVINIAN – THE DWCU FAMILY NETWORK. See them in their pictures, videos and listen to their favorite music that will help you reminisce the wonderful past within the confines of the Campus of your Alma Mater. Meet your friends now celebrating their success stories all over the world.

The administrators will be grateful to you if you encode your official and proper names and data and upload your good picture. Remember, this site is exclusive to our academic community. We envisioned it to be more professional and formal. The environment is Catholic as we are a catholic institution. This site then is not only for socialization but also for spiritual growth, inspiration and moral upliftment. Every member who signs in will be prayed for by the whole community. Whatever your intentions specially for our daily masses then let us know and we will help you lift up your prayers and petitions.

For you to become a member of this Family Network kindly observe the following:

  1. Send your e-mail to: president_dwcu@yahoo.com
  2. We will invite you
  3. Encode properly your personal data
  4. Upload your recent picture
  5. Welcome to the Family

God bless you all!

Fr. Doms,svd


One Response

  1. I want to be a member of the Divinian can you please invite me.Thank you and more power.

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